About Us

Zirve Steel Door was established by Mr Hacı Çelik in Antalya in 2004 and manufactures the Zirve Brend Steel door in the factory which has an indoor area of 3200 square meters in total.


Our Mission

We also produce them, in the light of new research and innovation, with the concept of production” always and  quality”, without tolerating from quality.


Our vision

By being aware of the necessities and expectations of the sector in the twenty first century, we manufacture steel doors with the professional business concept. By having adopted the culture of new research and innovation, we will be keeping to manufacture products which help our clients to feel themselves in safe in their homes.


Our factory

Our factory, located in the industrial zone, has an indoor area of 3200 square meters in total and consists of the following units of production:

Units of production

*  Pvc coating unit

*  Membrane Application unit

*  CNC cutting unit

*  Press blasting unit

*  Electrostatic dying unit

*  Assembling unit